Leadership / Overview Module
Leadership and Learning Teams Files
Module 1: Standards Implementation Process Files
Facilitator Introduction (MS Word)
Facilitator Manual (PDF)
Leadership Module (PPT)
Leadership Module Handouts (PDF)
Principal Video Site
TOTAL TV Presentation (PowerPoint)
TOTAL TV Study Guides (PDF)
TOTAL TV Study Guide Appendices (PDF)
Curriculum Mapping Leadership (PowerPoint)
Module 3 for Leadership (Handouts)
Module 3 for Leadership (MS Word)
Module 1 (PowerPoint)
Module 1 Facilitator's Guide (MS Word)
Module 1 Handouts (MS Word)
Taxonomic Levels Day 1 Handouts
Taxonomic Levels Day 1 Presentation Slides
Taxonomic Levels Day 2 Handouts
Taxonomic Levels Day 2 Presentation Slides
Module 2: Assessment FOR Learning: Rubric Development Files Module 3: Curriculum Mapping Files
Appendix - Analyzing an Assessment for Quality (PDF)
Appendix - Assessment Quality Rubrics (PDF)
Appendix - Assessments to Evaluate (PDF)
Appendix - Creating a Rubric from Scratch (PDF)
Appendix - Criteria for Selecting Performance Tasks (PDF)
Appendix - Links Between Achievement Targets and Assessment Methods (PDF)
Appendix - Peformance Task (PDF)
Appendix - Practice Papers (PDF)
Appendix - References and Resources
Module 2 (PowerPoint)
Module 2 Facilitator's Guide (MS Word)
Module 2 Handouts (PDF, rev. 11/29/05)
Curriculum Mapping Video Resources - Teleschool Video Ordering System
Heidi Hayes Jacobs - Video (QuickTime Player Required)
Module 3 Curriculum Mapping Overview (PowerPoint)
Module 3 Overview (MS Word)
Module 3 Phases (Handouts)
Module 3 Phases (MS Word)
Module 3 Phases (PowerPoint)
Module 3 What is Mapping?
Module 3 What is Mapping? (Handouts)
Module 3 What is Mapping? (PowerPoint)
Module 3 Why Map? (Handouts)
Module 3 Why Map? (MS Word)
Module 3 Why Map? (PowerPoint)
Module 4: Standards-Based Grading/Reporting Files  
Module 4: Self-Tutorial Power Point (PDF)



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