Mac Users
Please be sure to have the following minimum requirements:

FREE Macromedia Flash -- It is recommended that you download the FREE Macromedia Flash Player 6 to view the Standards Toolkit website in its entirety.

If you are using OS 10, you can go to this site:

If you are using OS 9, you can go to this site:

FREE Acrobat Reader -- Download of this Adobe Acrobat product is vital to proper use of the documents on this website. You must be equipped with the Arobat Reader plug-in to be able to view PDF documents (Portable Document Format).
To Download Adobe Acrobat Reader -

Although schools may have older versions of Mac computers, teachers can download the lastest versions of either:

Internet Explorer at:

Netscape at:

The latest version of these browers should enable all Mac computers (OS 9 and X) to access the Standards Toolkit Website.

Windows Users

Problems Printing PDFs
1. For best results, download the PDF document to your hard drive before viewing or printing ... do not open the PDF in your Web browser. The most common problems with viewing or printing PDF files is that the Acrobat Reader Web browser plug-in misinterprets the PDF file or there is not enough memory to display and print the file.

  • Download a PDF file to your computer: Right-click (Windows) on the PDF link and select "Save Target As..." (Explorer) or "Save Link As..." (Netscape, Firefox) from the pop-up menu. When the "Save as" screen appears, select the location on your hard drive where you want to save the PDF file. Enter a filename then click the "Save" button. Once the PDF document has been downloaded to your computer, close your Web browser and open the PDF file from your hard drive. The PDF file should now be able to be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.

  • 2. Software: Use the most current version of Acrobat. The free Acrobat Reader reading/printing software is available from

    3. Viewing/Printing: The best way to view and print a PDF file is to download it to your computer, then read or print it from your hard drive (see Step 1). If that doesn’t work, here are some other tips:

    • Print large PDFs 1-10 pages at a time. Large graphics, complex pages, or certain fonts in a PDF file can cause system conflicts.

    • Shut down the computer and leave it off for 15-30 seconds to clear the memory, then restart it and try printing again. the computer system could be out of memory or system resources

    • Use the most current driver for your printer. Using an outdated printer driver can cause many PDF conflicts. Most printer manufacturers post current printer drivers on their Web sites for free download

    • Deselect the "Download fonts once" check box in the "Print" dialogue box when printing

    • Click the "print as image" option in the "Print" menu.

    • If you need additional assistance, please click on the "Contact" link to send an e-mail to the web managers.

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